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Being a homeowner in Des Moines comes with a long list of perks, but the cleaning and maintenance part associated with it can be exhausting. Even individuals with busy work schedules on a regular basis don’t get enough time for their exterior house cleaning. If you are having trouble to keep up with your house cleaning, don’t have access to proper tools, or just want professionals to handle the whole task superiorly; exterior house cleaning service in Des Moines at Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning can help you out. We are one of the most trusted house cleaning service providers in Des Moines and have been offering high-quality service execution to our clients for more than a decade now.

When you require a highly dedicated team completely devoted to the details and unique requirements of clients, don’t look further. The expert team at Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning takes great care to complete the job right without any flaws. When you are looking for exterior house cleaning in Des Moines and quality is the concern for you, trust the professionals serving at Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning. Our house cleaning service experts for Des Moines are well-equipped with modern tools and superior training in order to deliver you the best ever results with convenience. Unlike many service providers these days, we know there is a world of difference between a clean, appealing, attractive houses and ones that are being neglected. To make sure your home really shines all the way from inside to outside, opt for our exterior house cleaning for Des Moines properties today.

Des Moines House Cleaning Service for Residential Properties

As pressure washing is not the ideal for vinyl, metal, and wood floors and decks, we use only low-pressure cleaning techniques to rejuvenate and revitalize any hard surfaces that are prone to moss, algae, gunk, and black patches with time. Our house exterior house cleaning utilizes a super effective combination of powerful, eco-friendly house cleaning solvent and low-pressure cleaning that can clean and dazzle any floor, wall, and home exterior. Our house cleaning service in Des Moines is perfect for decks, patios, walkways, stairs, driveways, and more. With our professional cleaning services, we strive to deliver comprehensive benefits to your beautiful residential property.

All our services focus on your property’s curb appeal, property safety, and long team quality. Our soft wash exterior house cleaning successfully removes mold, algae, mildew, and dirt without damaging its color, longevity, and durability. It also eliminates all types of stains from your home exteriors. Our biodegradable cleaning solution is completely safe for your landscaping, pets, and residents. Our exterior house cleaning in Des Moines protects home siding from any wear and tear. We have highly trained technicians well-aware of the soft washing methodology, and they will reach your property with all the required tools to complete the job with perfection. Whether your home exterior is brick, vinyl, wood, stucco, or stone, our soft wash house cleaning services are guaranteed to deliver safe results with affordable pricing.

"Not only will cleaning restore the appearance of your house siding, but it will also help add years to the lifespan."

Serving Around Des Moines with Most Effective Exterior House Cleaning

Our exterior house cleaning service for Des Moines properties includes siding cleaning and gutter cleaning also. We take care of your sidings that are constantly exposed to the weather with the right solutions. Our team uses perfect siding cleaning techniques to meet the special needs and deliver sub-par results. As gutters play a crucial role in the exterior beauty of your exterior property, we also help residential property owners to clean their gutters from moss, algae, and mildew. We have properly trained and well-versed with the gutter, siding, and deck cleaning.

At Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning, we make it our duty to offer you all the house cleaning services in Des Moines you require for a beautiful home. Our exterior house cleaning service is your one-stop solution to get a dedicated team to serve all your house cleaning requirements.

If you wish to receive the best standard exterior house cleaning service in Des Moines, hire Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning for the job now. We have certified, trained, insured, and experienced cleaning experts to serve you. You can receive round the clock support from our team just by dialing 515-971-1430 or write to us at sullivanexteriorcleaning@dwx.com. Get a free service quote for your property today. For more details, check our service website. Our expert team is here to make your property shinning new with just a single call.

How Siding Cleaning Process Works

Watch the video as Bruce explains the Siding Cleaning process.

Sullivan Exterior Cleaning
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Unlike other exterior services that utilize a pressure washer to clean your home exterior.
Sullivan Exterior Cleaning uses a specialized non-pressure cleaning process. Our process utilizes a citrus-based cleaning solution that is applied to the exterior that will kill all the algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and fungi. We use a garden hose pressure to rinse off all the dead infestations.

As with pressure washing, all a pressure washer does is disperse the algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and fungi. Meaning it just returns over a short period of time. This pressure process does not kill the infestations and will possibly cause damage.

Sullivan Exterior Cleaning has developed a formulated cleaning solution that will kill the infestations at the source. This specially formulated solution is also non-toxic and non-caustic meaning it is safe for you, your family, your pets, and your garden.

Thus, the three warranty. If any should return within the three years, the retreatment will be done at no charge.

You can Trust Bruce Sullivan for House Washing and Siding Cleaning

Our Process for Siding Cleaning Service

Bruce comes with decades of experience in cleaning services and a deep knowledge of the proper care and low-pressure techniques. Bruce employs methods that keep your house clean and crisp without any damage to your yard or home. The process summary for siding cleaning service has been explained below:

We protect your landscape for the prevention of any damage to the garden or plants.

We add–in environment-friendly treatments into the water which is to be used for the siding cleaning.

Our techniques help remove existing organic growth while refraining the same from returning quickly.

Our equipment has been designed to deliver the treatment water with the perfect pressure that isn’t hard on your sidings.

We stand atop the stabilized ladders & spray water with a downward pattern to ensure that water doesn’t get into your vents or siding penetrations.

We finish up with proper rinse to make sure that the sidings are spotless and without any damage.

Professional Residential Siding Cleaning Services

Take a stroll all-around your house exterior. Do you notice tiny black or green spots on the sidings? This could be a result of organic growth such as algae, moss, or mold taking a toll over your exterior sidings. At Sullivan Exterior Cleaning, we provide professional siding cleaning service at Iowa to ensure that your house exterior lasts for years to come.

We are among the industry expert siding cleaning companies that will help you take back your house to the way it looked when it was initially constructed. Our experts are trained to eliminate any unsightly mold or dirt from the siding with the soft washing techniques. The application of water with correct pressure serves as the most practical and effective method to clean algae and mold from the siding.

Hire Professionals for Siding Cleaning Service

We are proud to call ourselves the top among siding cleaning companies in the area. Our professional services are bound to make you smile when we are done. Hiring a professional for your siding cleaning requirement is of utmost importance. With expert and professional siding cleaning service, you avoid the unnecessary repair or replacement home expenses.

Not just that, you get to restore the true beauty of your house. It can virtually look exceptionally close to its brand new look! So, imagine what good regular cleaning can do for your sidings. Exterior siding cleaning isn’t a DIY job. You will surely require professional help to get it done in a proper way. This is where our expert cleaners come in. Hire our affordable services and forget that dirt and grime taking a toll on the beauty and integrity of your house exteriors. So, get ready to visit back the memory lane with a completely new looking house with our specialized cleaning services.

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Exterior Cleaning Roof & Siding, Johnson, Iowa

Amazing! I had the roof, siding and soffit cleaned on my 14 year old home. I can’t believe the difference it made! It looks new again! Sullivan was great to work with. There was absolutely no trace they had been there, other than the clean house and roof! I am very pleased. I will refer my friends and family to Sullivan Roof Cleaning!

Jen Goemann, Johnson, Iowa

Siding and Deck Cleaning, Johnson, Iowa

I found Bruce and Maria via their Your Tube video demonstrating their approach to cleaning the “green” stuff growing on the north and east sides of my home. I recommend watching it, it’s exactly who they are and what they do.

My house, deck and patio look brand new! I wish I had taken before pictures. The improvement is dramatic.

They arrived as scheduled, worked efficiently and with respect for my property. The work was completed for exactly the bid they provided when they visited my home to provide a free quote. I wish all contractors were so reliable and transparent. I am a very satisfied customer.

Annette DeFrancisco, Johnson, Iowa

Cleaning Product Works-Des Moines

Bruce has done several roof cleanings for me and the results always exceed my expectations. He’s saved me thousands of dollars on my investment properties by making old roofs look brand new. He cleaned my gutters and siding in just a few minutes in what would have taken me hours with a power washer. With just a simple rinse, his cleaning solution removed dirt and grime that a pressure washer couldn’t remove. He’s got an amazing product.


Adam Lewis, Des Moines

Roof & Deck Cleaning-Ames, Iowa

Our roof and deck area look better than new and Bruce and Maria are responsible for this transformation. I am so pleased to have hired Sullivan Roof Cleaning. They were friendly, courteous, and experienced and delivered excellent results.

Marie McCuskey, Ames, Iowa

Roof & Deck Cleaning-Ames, Iowa

Our roof and deck area look better than new and Bruce and Maria are responsible for this transformation. I am so pleased to have hired Sullivan Roof Cleaning. They were friendly, courteous, and experienced and delivered excellent results.

Marie McCuskey, Ames, Iowa

Roof Cleaning-Pleasant Hill, Iowa

I was skeptical of this when my wife suggested it. I told her roofs were suppose to do this after time. I went to Menards to purchase a product and tried it in a small area ( no results) we went ahead and had it done and our roof looks like the day we had it installed. This is the best money we have spent to keep the house looking like the day we built it. GREAT JOB!!! I would recommend this to anyone.

Jeff Backous, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Deck Cleaning-Granger, Iowa

You did an awesome job on my daughter’s log home, deck, railing, swing and chairs on the deck. They are totally impressed. My roof looks great, as well as, the stucco on front of my house. I appreciated your professionalism regarding communication and being where you said you would be at the time agreed upon.

Joan Clary, Granger, IA 09/15/2015

"Not only will cleaning restore the appearance of your house siding, but it will also help add years to the lifespan."

How Siding Cleaning Process Works

Watch the video as Bruce explains the Siding Cleaning process.