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When considering Deck Cleaning in Des Moines, Iowa, Bruce Sullivan Exterior services should be your first port of call.  He lives in the Des Moines area and an experienced and professional in the deck cleaning and roofing industries.  He will be able to restore your deck and make it a pleasure to use it again.  Bruce’s service is timely, professional, and he is happy to share his knowledge with you.

Deck Cleaning in Des Moines

Your decking has a weathered look – it is mildew, moss, mold, lichen, and fungi.  Maybe you recently had your deck cleaned by a power washer only to see the infestation rapidly return?

You require Sullivan Exterior and Deck Cleaning Services.

Deck cleaning can remove all the damaging elements and make your deck look new again, and keep it that way for time to come.  We do not just remove the issue at surface level but remove the cause of the issue in the deck.

This is why we are proud to offer a 3-year warranty on all of our exterior cleaning services.

Power washing only visually removes the problem; there is an alternative to the power washing technique!  With the Sullivan non-pressure cleaning process, we not only remove these infestations but remove the source and eradicate them for a much longer period of time.  Sullivan Exterior Cleaning’s proprietary solution is eco-friendly, and safe for families, pets, and gardens.

When cleaning the decking of your house we clean and remove all algae, fungus, and other damaging natural materials that cause early degradation of your decking.

Our deck cleaning services include all decking, railings, steps, and baseboards.

How the Deck Cleaning Process Works

Watch the video as Bruce explains the deck washing process.

Sullivan Exterior Cleaning
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Unlike other exterior services that utilize a pressure washer to clean your home exterior.
Sullivan Exterior Cleaning uses a specialized non-pressure cleaning process. Our process utilizes a citrus-based cleaning solution that is applied to the exterior that will kill all the algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and fungi. We use a garden hose pressure to rinse off all the dead infestations.

As with pressure washing, all a pressure washer does is disperse the algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and fungi. Meaning it just returns over a short period of time. This pressure process does not kill the infestations and will possibly cause damage.

Sullivan Exterior Cleaning has developed a formulated cleaning solution that will kill the infestations at the source. This specially formulated solution is also non-toxic and non-caustic meaning it is safe for you, your family, your pets, and your garden.

Thus, the three warranty. If any should return within the three years, the retreatment will be done at no charge.

"Not only will cleaning restore the appearance of your house deck, but it will also help add years to the lifespan."

You can Trust Bruce Sullivan for Deck Cleaning in Des Moines, Iowa

Our Signature Deck Cleaning Techniques

At Sullivan Exterior Cleaning, we ensure a stringent deck cleaning solution that includes aspects such as:

Preparation of solution for deck cleaning that is inclusive of eco-friendly elements

Cleaning solution will eradicate all algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and fungi.

Volume-based non-pressure technique to remove the heavy as well as light infestation elements

Proprietary cleaning procedure to ensure the organic growth doesn’t come back for years

Choose Team Sullivan to Give Your Deck the Magic Touch

Fast, effective, efficient, and affordable; that’s what our deck cleaning service in Polk, Dallas, and Warren Counties provides to each of our valued clients. Your deck requires the best professional care to stop its decaying due to algae, moss, mold, sun, water, and other natural things that affect its integrity. Although regular cleaning helps to a certain level, it has no match to an expert deck cleaning solution that offers deep cleaning, instant color punch, deck brightening, moss removal, spot removal, quality maintenance, and more. Our deck cleaning company in Des Moines has been in this business for over a decade now. We love what we serve and intend to do so further in the future. The added benefit of hiring Sullivan Exterior Cleaning is that Bruce, himself, will perform the service, not some hired crew member, like other services.

Bruce is consistently prompt and determined to deliver the best results far beyond your expectations. Sullivan Exterior Cleaning will guarantee that your deck will look like new once Bruce has finished with the job. The deck cleaning service uses penetrating, natural wood preservatives that prolong the life of your deck. Hire our deck cleaning solutions and bring life to your weathered deck wood without any costly repairs. Whether your deck floor requires a thorough cleaning, staining, and washing; Sullivan Exterior Cleaning has got you covered. Bruce always pays strict attention to details and delivers amazing results that his customers always look for.

Understand the Importance of Deck Cleaning with a Team of Experts

You need to accept that just sweeping and hosing off your deck woods is not enough to clean it dazzling. While it cleans off the debris from your deck surface, it actually doesn’t protect the wood of your deck. Here at Sullivan Exterior Cleaning, our deck cleaning solution in Des Moines includes more than just debris cleaning. Our non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solution not only removes all the moss, mold, and mildew growth but also prevents their regrowth while extending its lifespan and keeping it all beautiful for a long-long time.

Why choose Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning? Well, it’s simple.

  • Our low-pressure deck cleaning service is super gentle on wood.
  • Effectively removes algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and fungi.
  • Successfully remove stains, some composite decks, and older ones have defective material which creates spots that cannot be removed.
  • Prolongs the lifespan and beauty of your wooden surface.
  • Free pre-service estimation.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with unparalleled quality and price.
  • Specialized professional to serve you round the year.

If you desire to keep your deck maintenance cost minimal while eliminating the costly repairs completely, then Sullivan Exterior Cleaning’s deck cleaning service in Polk, Dallas, and Warren Counties is your best option. Our pressure-less deck cleaning solution is guaranteed to make your deck brand new and spotless. Trust Bruce the cleaning professional with extended industry experience with your deck cleaning, and you will not be disappointed after seeing the results.

Why Should You Hire Our Deck Cleaning Service?

The necessity of a clean deck is easy-to-see. A clean and dirt-free deck makes your house look as perfect as new. However, there are several other benefits to obtain from deck cleaning service at Iowa by Sullivan Roof & Exterior Cleaning.

Rot & Mold Prevention

Our high-quality prevention technique for rot & mold has been designed to treat your deck in the best possible manner. Humidity and moisture can lead to mold growth along with rotting of wood in your decks. At Sullivan Exterior Cleaning, we take care of your decks and get rid of that smelly mess.

Clean & Easy Maintenance

Properly cleaned decks look pristine and are easy to maintain. After we are done with our job, you won’t need anything more than a bit of routine sweeping every now and then.

The longevity of Deck’s Life

Decks are amazing to sit by nature and sip your cup of coffee. However, ignoring the decks for long can lead to decrease in their overall life. With Sullivan Exterior Cleaning services, you give your decks another chance at long life. Plus, you get the added advantage of a beautiful and improved deck.

At Sullivan Exterior Cleaning, we have years of experience catering to a long line of clientele. We have cleaned and prepped a lot of decks which has allowed us to gather everything about the dos and don’ts of deck cleaning service. Our team ensures the application of top-notch cleaning processes for every deck in order to obtain the best possible results.

Our eco-friendly deck cleaning service is what you require to remove all the stains from moss, lichen, algae, or mold growth. Our professional deck washing experts get your deck cleaned within a stipulated time frame. So, refrain from hiring novice cleaners from the industry and allow only professionals to handle your deck cleaning requirements. Give us a quick call for free service cost estimation!


Exterior Cleaning Roof & Siding, Johnson, Iowa

Amazing! I had the roof, siding and soffit cleaned on my 14 year old home. I can’t believe the difference it made! It looks new again! Sullivan was great to work with. There was absolutely no trace they had been there, other than the clean house and roof! I am very pleased. I will refer my friends and family to Sullivan Roof Cleaning!

Jen Goemann, Johnson, Iowa

Siding and Deck Cleaning, Johnson, Iowa

I found Bruce and Maria via their Your Tube video demonstrating their approach to cleaning the “green” stuff growing on the north and east sides of my home. I recommend watching it, it’s exactly who they are and what they do.

My house, deck and patio look brand new! I wish I had taken before pictures. The improvement is dramatic.

They arrived as scheduled, worked efficiently and with respect for my property. The work was completed for exactly the bid they provided when they visited my home to provide a free quote. I wish all contractors were so reliable and transparent. I am a very satisfied customer.

Annette DeFrancisco, Johnson, Iowa

Cleaning Product Works-Des Moines

Bruce has done several roof cleanings for me and the results always exceed my expectations. He’s saved me thousands of dollars on my investment properties by making old roofs look brand new. He cleaned my gutters and siding in just a few minutes in what would have taken me hours with a power washer. With just a simple rinse, his cleaning solution removed dirt and grime that a pressure washer couldn’t remove. He’s got an amazing product.


Adam Lewis, Des Moines

Roof & Deck Cleaning-Ames, Iowa

Our roof and deck area look better than new and Bruce and Maria are responsible for this transformation. I am so pleased to have hired Sullivan Roof Cleaning. They were friendly, courteous, and experienced and delivered excellent results.

Marie McCuskey, Ames, Iowa

Roof & Deck Cleaning-Ames, Iowa

Our roof and deck area look better than new and Bruce and Maria are responsible for this transformation. I am so pleased to have hired Sullivan Roof Cleaning. They were friendly, courteous, and experienced and delivered excellent results.

Marie McCuskey, Ames, Iowa

Roof Cleaning-Pleasant Hill, Iowa

I was skeptical of this when my wife suggested it. I told her roofs were suppose to do this after time. I went to Menards to purchase a product and tried it in a small area ( no results) we went ahead and had it done and our roof looks like the day we had it installed. This is the best money we have spent to keep the house looking like the day we built it. GREAT JOB!!! I would recommend this to anyone.

Jeff Backous, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Deck Cleaning-Granger, Iowa

You did an awesome job on my daughter’s log home, deck, railing, swing and chairs on the deck. They are totally impressed. My roof looks great, as well as, the stucco on front of my house. I appreciated your professionalism regarding communication and being where you said you would be at the time agreed upon.

Joan Clary, Granger, IA 09/15/2015


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